Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Four Reflection

I was quite mesmerized by the RS Animate Talk today. The beautiful graphic illustrations,almost font like handwriting of the illustrator, metaphor images and especially the ability to make connections for the observer. It is an example of entertainment education that can be highly engaging for students. It would make for a great class project, to have the students create one. A great way to allow our more artistic students to shine. I was struck by the statement, "We have to think differently about human capacity", and yes, as educators we must. I am encouraged to think outside the box in ways that can and do reconsider our students and teachers human capacity as learners.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Three Reflection-The Social Change Agent

I will never think of technology the same after hearing Steve Halliday speak today. An unassuming tech guy exterior with the heart of a revolutionary. WOW!
Entertainment education and multimedia learning theory as a mechanism for social change is a powerful tool. What truly resonated with me was his emphasis on finding evidence of social change in what you do. "Whatever you create watch how peer-to-peer interaction takes place...that's where the change takes place". After all, it's the social change we are after and we need to be able to recognize it when we see it.

Day Two Reflection

I think I like the taste of this Kool-Aid! Doug Burdy's presentation on the Google teacher academy was inspiring and thought provoking. I am excited to try out some of the divergent technology in education, but he really inspired me to get the training. Ok maybe I am not going to get Google certified, but I can learn more about the Google apps and in turn inspire other teachers to try them as well. It's a start.
A small but significant step in the tech education revolution.
Also, Thank you Todd for the plethora of suggestions on sites and how to get more out of their use. I came home and immediately shared them with my husband. Powerful!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boudreau's Blog: Thoughts On Day 1

Boudreau's Blog: Thoughts On Day 1: "I'm excited by the prospect of improving my knowledge of ways in which I can increase the use of technology in my building especially given ..."


Monday, July 11, 2011

Final Project

My initial thoughts for the final project are guided by a desire to spend time on a technology project that is authentic and useful in my work.

I will take the website I developed and find creative ways to enhance it!
Some questions I will consider:
-How can I improve the websites organization and increase visual appeal?
-How can I incorporate the use of Google docs to survey users?
-Should I add a BLOG?
I welcome any suggestions, go to and check it out.

Day One AFN Reflection-Educational Technology Article

My takeaways from the discussion:
1. The significance of integrating technology into everything you do as an educational leader. Some examples are allowing students to use calculators, word programs with spell check. The guiding factors are the class objectives tied to the standards. Teachers are behind their students along the technology progression scale.
2. If you look at the Common Core Standards, technology is not a stand alone, but approached as a tool, not a set of skills. Looking closer you see that technology can be incorporated in virtually every standard.
3. "For good teachers, educational technology is routinely providing capabilities that are not possible in other ways." And, extending the learning through the use of technology in creative ways.

"Don't Tread on Me"

A call from our American Revolution forefathers? No, a cry from our students who sit numb and bored everyday in cemetery style desks. TED says, "Everyday our children place their dreams at our feet, tread softly." As I hear these words, I find it hard to shallow and fight back the tears. Can we as educational leaders find the courage, do we have the passion to ensure the dreams of our children are not trampled on?